As simple as a glass of water …

In a post entitled Hubby Highlights: Little Things Mean A Lot, a wife says tells how blessed she is that her husband has put a glass of water by her side of the bed every night for the almost ten years they have been married.

Odds are this woman is an acts of service gal, but then again she may see it as very romantic. Maybe she is touched by the long-term consistency. Regardless of why, the point is she is very pleased with her husband over a very small thing.

What simple/small acts can you regularly perform for your bride?

3 Comments on “As simple as a glass of water …

  1. I love this! Small things can have great impacts. For me, its usually cooking a meal or yes, even getting her a glass of water. I think it has a great impact because it shows you are constantly and consistently thinking about the needs and comfort of your wife. It is this kind of selfless service that makes good husbands, great husbands!
    .-= Eric – BHF´s last blog ..5 Ways to be a Better Husband- 3 – Hold Hands =-.

  2. Say, ‘Thank you’… a lot. Especially for the routine, domestic things she does.

  3. I like this and live it every day. I work from home but my wife has to get ready every morning to leave for work. She’s not a morning person either. It’s tough for her. So I make her favorite tea every morning for her to take with her. I enjoy doing it so much. Even if we ae fighting over something, I still make the tea no matter what. It’s my way of saying, I love you no matter what.

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