The gift of time

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If your bride is a quality time gal, the best gift you can give her is time with you; and yes, it’s a gift you can wrap. Write how you will spend time with her in a card. Even better, write several ways you will spend time with her, put them in a fancy container, and wrap the container. Give a date when each event will happen, or give her “coupons” that she can redeem as she likes (add fine print as needed).

If time with you is important to her, don’t let the holiday season rob her of that. Plan now to do things together. Go shopping together (unless that is bad for your marriage). Make a date to drive around one evening and look at lights. Make a couple of meal-out, or dessert, or coffee, dates over the next three weeks.

Bonus idea: If you can get all your shopping done early, and both have part of Christmas Eve free, take in a movie. We’ve found theatres (other than in malls, where parents use them to dump kids) are fairly empty on the 24th. We have a standing Christmas Eve movie date (the new Narnia this year).

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  1. I agree with this, Spending time with your spouse doesn’t have to cost anything, there is Picnics, sitting in a swing on the front or back porch, cuddling on the couch watching a movie, none of these cost, but “U” just have to take the time to do this, or should I say “Care Enough” to do this… need I say more?

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