Touched by a husband

The desire for touch is a human thing, and all of us, even those who shy away from it, need touch. If her love language is physical touch, then failing to meet that need for her is both unloving and harmful (to her and to your marriage).

There are a few clever ways to wrap a gift of touch. A bottle of massage oil or one of those wooden massage rollers is a great choice. Coupons for things like fifteen minutes of snuggle, a long hug, or a hand-in-hand walk also work. You could be fancy by getting her a piece of jewellery and telling her that wearing it is signals to you that she is feeling touch hungry.

A warning – one of the biggest problems with touch is that many women feel a need for a certain amount of NON-sexual touch. Sometimes this is true even for women who have a healthy sex drive – they need some touch that is not a prelude to sex. I know that for many guys most touch with our brides makes us think of sex, so non-sexual touch may be in the eyes (arms?) of the beholder; but that’s okay. If she needs some non-sexual touch, then keep your sexual thoughts to yourself and let her have what she needs. Learn to give her times of touch that are not followed by sex, or any attempt at sex. In other words, snuggle, then walk away to go after the sex later.

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  1. Agreed. A giving attitude behind the touch however makes a big difference from doing something like a technique.

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