Sex gifts for Christmas?

Before we start, please know that for some of you this is a VERY bad idea. For some women, sexual gifts at Christmas (any time, but especially at Christmas) are as well received as pink socks by an eight your old boy. Sexual gifts can also feel like an attempt to manipulate. Okay, you’ve been warned …

It should also go without saying (wonder why I’m saying it any way …) that sexual gifts should be given to her in private. Even the most mild of lingerie is better given when no one else will be watching her unwrap. Some fellows give their bride a special bedroom stocking, which work well.

What you give is going to depend on your marriage, your sex life, and her comfort level. Try to avoid pushing the limits; make it fun for her, and don’t expect her to want to use anything the moment she unwraps it. You will find links to safe and clean web sites for toys, lingerie, and even Liberator® items on the left side of the TGH web site. You might also want to check my Buying lingerie without dying of embarrassment article

Resource – A few bedroom stocking you might like are here, here, here, and here.

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