When not a mouse is stirring …

There are certain times that are special moments when a couple can connect deeply, and Christmas Eve (or Christmas morning) as you settle into bed is one of those. The craziness of preparation is done, the craziness of Christmas day has not yet dawned. Take a few moments to rub your bride’s shoulders, or feet, or back, the give her a long hug and tell her why she is your favourite gift. Say a prayer for whatever craziness you face in the morning, and ask her how you can help her to enjoy the day.

4 Comments on “When not a mouse is stirring …

  1. …on this day and every day.

    Merry Christmas, all! May you all find the secret of making the good things of Christmas last, in your hearts and forever

    Be good!


  2. Dear Paul,

    Tom and I wanted to stop by today and say a special thank you for the way you encourage marriages day in and day out. We are grateful God has allowed our Cyber Paths to cross and look forward to what God has for all of us in the coming year. Merry Christmas – May the Lord fill your home and hearts with His love as you continue to pour your lives out for others.

    Be sure to check out our blog today for a very special gift from us to you!

    .-= Tom and Debi Walter – The Romantic Vineyard´s last blog ..Our Gift To You! =-.

    • Tom & Debi,

      Thanks for the kind words, and for all that the two of you do for the cause of better marriages.

      We will be in your fine state around Labor day next year – but not sure how close to you we will be. Would love to share a meal with you two.


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