Help me, help yourself, and check out the new TMB site.

Up front – this is a pitch for you to join something. It will cost you nothing, could benefit you with some great coupons (like Groupon® ) and could even pay you to share the idea with your friends. And yes, it will benefit Lori and I, and we hope will help to free up time so we can do more through The Generous Husband, The Generous Wife, and The Marriage Bed (see a note about TMB at the bottom).

More information below, or go here and join up or check out the short video (link upper right on the center box). If you are asked for a referrer code, please use FVLV2PZ.

Some background and details for those who are interested. The following comes from my friend Tony Dale, who is part of the team that has created this.

Before being accused of hype or parental blindness, let me tell you that the founder of the VC firm we went to (Mach 10 Ventures) told us that this is the best concept he has seen in the past three years and then he came back to us and asked if he could be the CEO of our company.

We accepted!  After all , Josh’s experience in founding, and then investing in the early stages of LinkedIn and eHarmony, certainly convinces us that he knows more about the world of the launch than we do.  Since then Josh Chodniewicz has brought with him Mike Marston, his partner in, who is one of the leading experts on customer experience as it relates to the web.  Mike has brought with him his web development team of programmers and designers.  So let me explain what this is all about.

You almost certainly know about and maybe already use the daily deals provided by Groupon, Living Social and the myriad of daily deal sites that have sprung up over the past three years.  When my son, who owns a local boat club, ran a deal with one of these groups, they sold $100,000 of surplus capacity in his boat club through their daily deal in Austin.  What a great deal for the customer, who received access to the boats at about 25% of the normal cost.  What a deal for my son’s club to have boats used when they would have just been sitting idle and what a deal for the daily deal company that put this all together.  This is a true win-win-win approach to marketing that is revolutionizing how merchants can access the public.  My son couldn’t have paid for advertising that effective with tens of thousands of dollars, let alone had an extra thousand people actually pay for the privilege of using his boats while learning about his boat club.

So why our excitement?  The core idea my son’s came up with was finding a way to marry the best of what is happening in the daily deals sites (like Groupon and Living Social) with the best of what is happening through social networking sites, but with the added value of finding a way to share the wealth created within the social networks with everybody in the network. The genius of Matt and Jon’s idea is that they have found a way to pay everyone for their involvement in developing the network, and to pay them extremely well.

This could be huge! If you want to check it out, go to here.

Now, about The Marriage Bed web site. Just before Christmas my bride and I finished the 500 or so hours of coding and other work necessary to get the new version of the site up and running. The result looks a lot nicer, runs better, and has some great new features.

  • The Front Page is dynamic, with new content regularly. We will be adding more dynamic content over the next months.
  • New articles and recently modified/updated articles show in the left column.One new article and a blog link section already added.
  • The prayer page allows anonymous posting of prayer request, and reading of those requests for the prayer warriors out there.
  • Better PDF and printer pages.
  • A share module in the left column makes it easy to share a page on facebook and other social network systems.

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