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Below are my first, maybe annual, Hot Marriage Blog Awards. These are for great blogs that are pushing back the fear, confusion and ignorance in the areas of marriage and sex. I’ll admit up-front that these are my subjective choices. I focused on blogs I have become aware of in the last year (which excluded some great blogs) and limited myself to blogs which consistently express a biblical worldview. I also limited myself to seven blogs.

Best Collaboration Award: Black and Married with Kids

The team for BMWK is awesome, as are the articles and other content they put out. Yes, this blog is by, for, and about black marriages in the States, but much of what they do is applicable to a far wider audience.

Desperately Needed Award: Intimacy in Marriage

A healthy, normal, Christian woman who is willing to stand up and say, “God made us to enjoy sex, let’s do it!” [My words, not Julie’s] Thank you Julie for the stand you have taken, and for the loving, firm and gracious way you have done it.

Best Research Award: Marriage Gems

I like research, and Lori Lowe does it well. When I first found her blog, I thought it would be a good source for my tips; but I have found that she does such a good job with what she finds that my comments are usually irrelevant.

Warm But Not Too Fuzzy Award: The Romantic Vineyard

I tried to come up with a better title for this, but failed. Tom & Debi do a lot of good posts on the romantic and emotional aspects of marriage without being so gooey that men shrink away. They have also done some great study series.

Why Didn’t I say that? Award: Happily Married After

More than once I have read David’s words and thought I was reading my own – and more often than that I wished I had said the same thing half as well. David, his bride Thea, and a growing group of writers make this a blog well worth following.

Best Community Building Award: The Marry Blogger

Stu does some great posts, and I link to him regularly; but Stu has also done a great deal to link marriage bloggers and build community among those writers. His Top 10 awards have helped to get the word out about less known blogs. Stu also helped to put together a web site for those of us who do these blogs, and was a major player in the “LOVEveryday” collaborative e-book. Both those who do marriage blogs and those who read such blogs, owe Stu a big thanks.

Shows Great Promise Award: One Flesh Marriage

This blog is too new to know for sure how it will go, but I expect it to be great. I like the post and reply format that Brad and Kate are using, as well as what they have to say.

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  1. Hey Paul,

    I’ve tried to forward this post to my wife numerous time, numerous ways, to numerous emails: and it never gets through to her. I cannot even seem to send just the link to her email. Maybe because it has sexuality in the title? I dunno…

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