2011 Awards

The post that goes up Sunday the 15th is below. The URL of the post is http://www.the-generous-husband.com/2012/01/15/2011-hot-marriage-and-sexuality-blog-awards/. Note that won’t work until early Sunday morning, SPT. Same for the link on the images below.

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2011 Hot Marriage Blog Award © Liufu Yu | Dreamstime.com

2011 Hot Marriage Blog Award © Liufu Yu | Dreamstime.com

2011 Hot Marriage Blog Award © Liufu Yu | Dreamstime.com

Due to travel this past week, I won’t have had time to do the links to other blogs I usually do on Sunday. Instead, I am doing my marriage and sexuality blog awards for 2011.

These are awarded to blogs that are pushing back the fear, confusion, and ignorance in the areas of marriage and sex. The awards are my subjective choices – it’s what I like, and what I think is doing what needs to be done.

My self-imposed guidelines:

  • A majority should be blogs I found in the last year. (This eliminates many great blogs – sorry!)
  • Only blogs consistent with a biblical worldview.
  • No more than ten. (This is the hard part!)

So here they are. The first two are repeat winners, the others are new.

Blogging From, For and To Both Genders AwardOne Flesh Marriage

Last year I gave Brad and Kate the “Shows Great Promise Award”. I am happy to say this couple has exceeded my high expectations. I love that they often take his and her looks at things, and that they have a blog that is relevant and useful to both husbands and wives. I also appreciate that they have been taking on tough topics, including things sexual. Looking forward to more from them, in 2012. 

Most Growth in One Year AwardThe Romantic Vinyard

Debi and Tom took the blog every day for a month challenge twice last year, and have been doing much more frequent blogging even when they were not doing a challenge.  This has meant a lot more great content – and great pictures. Thanks so much guys!

Saying to Women What I Would Like to Say Awardto Love Honor and Vacuum 

Sheila is smart, funny, and hard hitting. For all who complain I am too hard on men and too easy on women – she is my answer. I talk to men, so I share what men can do to make a change. Sheila talks to women, so she is in their face (with love and humour) about their stuff. Keep going girl, you’re making a difference!

Letting God use Your Past Without Being Annoying Award: Marriage Life Ministries

Yes, Clint and Aleci survived an affair, and yes, they minster about it. However, it’s not ALL they talk about. This blog is relevant even if there is no adultery in your past. If there is adultery in your past, this blog shows a balance that you need. You can get past an affair, and this couple can help. Thanks guys, awesome, godly way to be transparent

Desperately Needed AwardDivorce Busting

Michele has an extraordinary understanding of marriages, what kills them, and how to save them. If your marriage is in trouble, you NEED to be reading this blog – and her books (AfLnk). Even if your marriage is not in trouble, there’s still a lot of good stuff here from which you can benefit.

Made Soda Come out of My Bride’s Nose Award: Hot, Holy & Humorous

Yes, J is that funny – and so much more. Her blog is a great read, and she is not afraid to take on sex and other subject that some won’t touch – and does so with skill. I also love how unabashedly pro-man she is. Keep the laughs and cut-to-the-heart comments coming, J.

Pod-casting Like a Boss Award: Stupendous Marriage

I am (excessively) picky about what I listen to. There are plenty of good pod-casts out there that I just can’t get through, and that is about me, not them. For that reason, it is so nice to find a pod-cast I enjoy hearing. Aside from the fact that Stu and Lisa discuss things I want to hear about, Stu’s background in radio means he knows how to craft a pod-cast that works well. If you want to do a pod-cast, listen to Stu’s archives! BTW, the blog part of the site is also great.

Back from the Dead AwardRomantic Act of the Day

My friend Rich started with a bang last year, then went silent for three months. But with three posts so far this year, I have hopes of many more great romantic tips from his corner of Texas. Keep bloggin’ Rich, we need it.

Why Am I Just Finding this Great Blog Award: Assume Love

This is far from a new blog, but I only found it recently. Patty’s first post (Feb 2006!) says “When you Assume Love, you give yourself the chance to receive more love by looking beyond your instantaneous, gut-level reactions to events. You pay attention to what you know to be true. You stop yourself from jumping to conclusions. You do this for you, so that you don’t miss any love being offered to you.” I’ve been reading bits of her story and her blog, and am looking forward to sharing it here in the future.

The Mother of all Marriage Blogs: The Generous Wife

Okay, mother of all might be a bit of an exaggeration, but my bride has been at this a long time. It’s her fault I am doing this, and I know she has inspired and helped several others to blog about marriage and sex. Besides, she is the only one I can vouch for from personal experiences; very personal experience! Thanks beautiful for practicing what you preach – I am so blessed by that! Keep sharing with the ladies, I know you have changed plenty of lives and marriages for the better.