My Passion and My Prayer

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My passion in life is to see better marriages and better sex in those marriages. It took a number of years for that to move from mild interest to full on passion, with the last few years bringing a huge increase in my desire to be used of the Lord in any way possible to bring about better sex and marriages.

Why a focus on sex? Why not just marriage? In part, this is because of our past – my bride and I needed help with our sex life, and we could not find it in the church. Even today, there are thousands, probably tens of thousands, of places to get good, godly, marriage help, but barely hundreds to get biblically sound help with sexual issues.

Another reason for the focus on sex is that I have become painfully aware of how much damage well meaning (and sometimes not-so-well-meaning) Christians have done in the area of sex. Many of the problems couples suffer have roots in Christian sex teaching that have nothing to do with the Bible (or are even contradictory to what the Bible says). Moreover, by abdicating a leadership role in teaching about and discussing sexuality, the Church has given the world free reign. I perceive that some of the sexual sins and excesses we see around us are a wrong reaction to the wrong teachings of the Church. In short, the Church has done a massive amount of harm to sexuality. As a follower of Jesus, and even more as a pastor, I feel an obligation to do something about wrongs the Church has imposed on both its own the world. My past, my study, and my passion all urge me to teach and bring healing in the area of sexuality; how could I not go there?


My prayer is that 2011 will be a year of growth for you, your marriage, and your sex life. I pray that you can set aside pride, fear, and self-protection so that you can learn new skills and find new ways. I pray that a year from today each of you can look back and say “That was the best year yet for my marriage and my marriage bed!” I also pray that one year from today each of you will expect the next year to be even better. Please know that no matter how bad it looks, it can turn around. Please also know that you can start down the road to better even if your spouse is unwilling. Start growing, and pray the Lord will use it challenge your spouse.

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3 Comments on “My Passion and My Prayer

  1. Recently I’ve been thinking the same things: I want to help others improve marriage and their marriage bed!

    My wife and I have been discussing how religion has hurt the idea of sex. Satan has done a wonderful job of twisting sex into a bad thing, when it is anything but that.

    Personally, we’ve also taken steps to ensure that 2011 is going to be our best year together, yet.
    .-= Matthew´s last blog ..Stop Planning and Just Do It! =-.

  2. “And he said to him, ‘Well done, surely, good slave! Seeing that you became faithful in the least, be having authority over ten cities.'” -Luke 19:17 CLV

    Paul, all Beleivers are blessed to have you doing what Lori and yourself do, especially those who understand that they have been set free from Sin, through Jeus, not just to be good Humans. the way we were created to be, but to enjoy it!

    May peace and joy follow you and Lori this year and beyond as you pursue the desires of your good heart.

    Happy New Year!


  3. Paul,

    I was reading your post this morning before worship and then our pastor spoke on following the calling God has placed on your life! He was telling people that you will know it is your calling when you have a heavy burden on your heart to change things or be a positive influence in the area! A beakon of light! You and Lori are truly that! And I am so thankful you never stopped, even when opposition came your way! Our pastor was also saying that when you follow your true calling, Satan will dig his heals in and do everything to stop you! But if God is for us, who can be against us!

    Brad and I are following the burden God has laid on our hearts! It is amazing to be God’s hands and feet! To be entrusted with His Work! Thanks for sharing your heart today, I praise God for it! And for you and Lori!

    In Him, Kate

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