Difference of Opinion

Opinions © Olyashevchenko | Dreamstime.comThis is more or less a guest post from my bride – I lifted it from her Generous Wife Tips and changed the genders.

When your bride says something that you disagree with, the immediate moment may not be the best time to contest what she says. Sometimes it’s kinder and more respectful to deal with it later privately and sometimes it’s really not all that important and can be passed over altogether.

Realize also that people are allowed to have different opinions and saying something you disagree with doesn’t automatically mean that your bride is wrong and needs correction.  It may just mean that she is a different person and has her own opinion.  It’s OK to share your thoughts (you’re allowed an opinion too), but it’s always good to treat her shared thoughts respectfully.

Most men are not scolded out of their opinion. Martin Van Buren

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