Push ups for the new year

one two fifty © Johnny Lye | Dreamstime.comHow many push-ups can you do? How would you feel if you could do 100 push-ups? How much healthier would you be? Care to work on it? The web site one hundred push ups is a great resource for this.

Think you are to far gone for this? When I started I could do one proper push up, so I switched to knee push-ups (12) and will work up then switch to full push ups. If I can do it …

By the way, my bride got me a set of Perfect Pushup [affiliate link] rotating push-up handles that make push-ups much easier on the hands and wrists. I think they also increase the effort a bit, but that’s hardly a bad thing.

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  1. Ditto on the Perfect Pushups. I got a set of these last year (look for online sales if you care about price, got mine via a FatWallet link for maybe half price) and they really do save the wrists/hands. I also started out with just a few and have worked my way up. Beware of imitators, they are not the same. The great thing about pushups is they don’t take long and you will start to notice changes in only a few weeks to a few months.

    I might also suggest starting with a few miles of walking/running daily or 3-4x a week and working your way up to at least 45 minutes. It should not take you down from exhaustion, but you should push yourself if you want a decent health benefit. Invite your DW, bring your dog if he can do it, too. GREAT way to talk with one another sans distractions. And it’s nice to look as good as possible for your bride, and vice-versa. Respecting/taking care of our bodies honors God, our bride, and ourselves.

  2. I haven’t been able to do 100 pushups in a few years now (it was no problem after boot camp), but that is one of my goals for this year.

    One Hundred Pushups is a great resource, as are their sister sites for squats and situps.

    Keep us updated on your pushup progress!
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  3. There was a time when I could not do a single regular push up. I also started with knee push ups and now I can do about 50 in a row.
    While my wife thinks I look good already I know I need to lose some weight to be healthy and hopefully live longer. I lost my father at 19 and I don’t want my daughter to lose me at an early age.

  4. I may try this. Last year I did the “Couch to 5K” program and it was MIRACULOUS. Can’t wait for weather to get nice and go back to running outside this year–and I’d NEVER run >1 mile before in my previous 48 years of life. Mrs. Quercus, not to be outdone, trained for and finished a half-marathon!

  5. I can do about 20.. but the amount definitely increases / decreases proportionately to whether I do them every day or don’t do them for a while. I think the main thing is developing good habits. The hardest part is keeping going – you’re inspired for a few days and then the “old you” tries to reassert itself. That’s when the real test begins….. ;)

  6. Did this a while ago with my dad and brother. The three of us were all at different stages but that’s okay. Try it as a group – it’s pretty fun that way!

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