How sex is a need

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This brilliant comment was posted on The Marriage Bed message boards recently:

I view sex as a need. *I* Need sex to feel connected to my DH.

This came in a thread arguing whether or not sex is a “need”. I like this way of looking at it – for X to occur, Y is necessary. So sex may not be a need for living, but it is a need for this woman to feel connected to her husband. I suspect a lot of men and women could say the same thing – “I need sex to feel loved/cared about/satisfied/safe/respected/trusted …” Or “I need to have sex to /want/enjoy/care about ________.”

If your bride says no often, maybe this will help her to understand the situation that puts you in. If you say no to your bride, I hope this will help you understand what you are doing to her!

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