How much one, how much two?

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Recently I’ve seen some articles suggesting that being too dependent on each other is harmful to a marriage. However, the Bible talks about “the two becoming one” which would seem to mean there is no such thing as being too dependent.

If one person is more dependent than the other, that power imbalance certainly would be harmful. If one person is so “devoted” that they are blind to problems, that could also harmful.

It seems to me that “being one” works when both spouses are “all in”. If either is holding back, trying to be one is not going to work so well.

Are you all in? If not, why not? Are you afraid to commit fully for fear of getting hurt if it does not work out? Are you leaving your options open? Please believe me when I tell you that a marriage where both bride and groom are “all in” is an incredible thing. I also see it as what the Bible says God intended, and as such seems to me to be something He expects us to do.

What if you are all in, or are willing to be, but your bride is not? Maybe you can forward this to her with something like “I’m game, are you?”.

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One Comment on “How much one, how much two?

  1. I believe that there can be such a thing as “too dependent” on the other spouse. We are to be “one flesh” for sure but we are never to “pull” from our spouse for our needs. We are to meet our spouse’s needs and depend on the Lord for our own needs. We are to sow “need meeting” into our spouse so much that eventually we reap a harvest of having our own needs met. When BOTH spouses are doing this (the “all-in” as you called it) then it is truly an incredible thing (as designed by God…by default it’s incredible!).

    I’m not saying we shouldn’t communicate our needs to our spouse…there is definitely communication that’s supposed to be going on in a marriage. Once we learn what the other needs we should rush to meet that need as often as it is required by the other (I’m sure that sounds as though it has a sexual undertone to it but I mean all areas). As we push to meet the needs of our spouse while depending on God to meet our needs, He becomes the center of the marriage and the “three-fold-cord is not easily broken.”


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