Orgasm in Seclusion

Music and Orgasm © Kirsty Pargeter | Dreamstime.comHave your bride lie on the bed, naked and face up. Be sure the room temperature is to her liking. Make her comfortable, including pillows under her legs/knees so being spread to give you good access is comfortable. Have her put on a set of good quality headphones (sound cancelling would be best) and a mask or folded washcloth to cut light. Start the music – something she enjoys, that has limited or no lyrics. Music with a strong beat and a lot of base would be good.

Now, while she is caught up in the sound, slowly bring her to orgasm by hand, mouth, or vibrator. Nothing fancy, just a slow built to climax.

It’s probably best to let her know what you are up to before you start. Tell her you want her to just enjoy.

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5 Comments on “Orgasm in Seclusion

  1. Wow. I like this idea!! And it’s reversible! Perhaps a twist would be to use a headphone splitter for both to be isolated while in contact… I’m thinking it’ll arouse the same feelings I get when we 69, but with music!
    Paul Hardcastle’s Jazz Masters series would be great for this!
    Also, there is a line of very sensuous recordings called ‘Chillout’, readily available on Amazon.

    Ya gotta love being human!

  2. Finally got an evening to try this and it was great! My bride really enjoyed it – we highly recomend it. Very relaxing and satifying for both. Even afterward, she laid there for another half hour, relaxing and listening to the music. She said “Thanks Generous Husband!!”

  3. I suppose spouses actually have to be intimate with each other for this to work.

  4. Great idea. Not gonna happen. She’s not into that. Wishing she was.  :(

  5. Great idea. Not gonna happen. She’s not into that. Wishing she was.  :(

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