Another kind of cheating

Hidding Money © Moshimochi | Dreamstime.comOne of you pointed me to an article which says almost a third of people admit to “financial infidelity”. I vaguely recall seeing a headline about this on a roundup I read, but I did not follow the link because it seemed like a non-issue to me. I was shocked to see that so many married folks would lie about finances!

I think the term financial infidelity is a very apt term for this.

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  1. I have to agree. My deceased husband (lung cancer 2006) insisted I be a stay at home mom because the amount I would make at any job I could get with just a high school diploma would all go to child care for our two kids per week plus the gas to and fro work and wouldn’t really be of any help. We would often go without new school clothes or new coats unless my parents helped out because he would drink or smoke all of his paycheck after the major utilities and rent were paid. He wouldnt even let me drive because it would make the insurance rate go up if I got a liscense. I would have to hide money my parents would send so I could get the kids clothes and coats that werent salvation army threads.

    Sometimes financial infidelity is a needed thing when one partner is very bad with money and has additions but even still it does hurt the marriage because of lack of communication and honesty breeds trust issues the first thing that can come to mind is “well what else are they lying about?”

  2. Under your blogroll it used to show the headings for the most recent post. I always appreciated that. I see it got changed. Didn’t know if you changed it for a purpose, which is obviously your choice, of if your blog platform changed it and you hadn’t noticed.

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