Pray by the Day

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As this is the post for which I get the most requests, and seeing that I’ve not done it in a good while…

Try praying for your wife based on the first letter of the day:

  • Sunday pray for her Spiritual walk
  • Monday pray for her Moods and Mental health
  • Tuesday pray for her Thought life
  • Wednesday pray for her Weaknesses to be healed
  • Thursday pray for her Time usage
  • Friday pray for her Friendships
  • Saturday pray for her Sexuality


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Image Credit: © Oleg Kalina |

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Links to blog posts that stood out to me this last week:

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One Flesh Marriage

Sex: The art of asking for more and Sex: The Art of Offering More: offer a good his and her look at the issue of wanting/having more sex.

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Why I love being married: Check Corey’s list, then make one of your own for your bride!

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