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Today my bride and I celebrate 26 years of marriage. There were some very difficult and painful years in there, but now it gets better and better every year. The last five years have been incredible, and we expect it to keep getting better and better.

A couple of days ago I came across an article entitled Does Marriage Improve With Age? There are significant reasons why marriage improves with age. [Article is gone, sorry] The article is dead on; describing what has become a reality for my bride and me.

Maybe you are thinking, “That’s nice for you, but it will never happen in my marriage”. It seems many folks think great marriages are something that “just happens” to a very few “lucky” couples. I’m here to tell you that’s bunk – great marriages are the result of hard work on the part of both husband and wife.

In the article in the link above, and an article linked from there, the authors say that those who are deeply in love would rather spend time with each other than alone, with each other than anyone else, and with each other than with each other plus anyone else. That kind of desire to be together only happens when a couple make time together a priority. At first it takes effort, and at first it is often not what either of you most wants. However, if you keep at it, things can change.

I very much would like to see every couple have a marriage as satisfying and enjoyable as the marriage my bride and I share. I am convinced that any couple can do it, and that any couple can start making a better marriage TODAY – no matter how bad it might be now. Unfortunately, all I can do is tell you – you and your bride have to do the work.

One last thing – it’s worth it. No matter how hard it is, if you both work at it, you will be glad you did.

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4 Comments on “It can get better and better

  1. 26 years is a long time… for anything else, but not for a good marriage!

    Happy Aniversary, you two.

    May your joy be carried along with you into the age to come.


  2. Congratulations! While my wife and I have amost 10 years on you the greatest joy of all is seeing the fruit of your love realtionship with God coming through your relationship with your spouse, thought your children, and now through the grandchildren. We can truly say that by loving God with all we knew at the time and being authentic about it not only helped us have a great marriage for all these years, but it was model for our boys to love God and now they are being models for their children to love God.

  3. Happy Anniversary!
    Thank you for sharing your very pertinent thoughts on what makes marriage work with us here on this blog … you are an encouragement to us all.

  4. Happy Anniversary!! Thank you for all that you do!! Brad and I think of you both as mentors! Hope that is ok!! I know God will bless your marriage in years to come as well!!

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