V-day: T minus 14 days

If you haven’t been paying attention to the mass marketing of Valentine’s Day, please be aware that you have two weeks.

Rather than reposting past Valentine’s tips, below is a roundup. A few more thought on the subject over the next week.

T -14 and counting © Liligraphie | Dreamstime.com

If you want to skip Valentine’s please read I love her every day! first.

Have your say on Valentine’s day asks you what you do for V-day. There are some good ideas in the comments, and please add more!

Valentine’s Day, Celebrated: If she is not going to feel cheated by it, celebrating a day 0r two early or later may work better. You won’t have crowds, and finding a baby sitter is easier.

Keep someone’s kids: Do babysitting for a young couple so they can celebrate. Combine this with the one above is your bride wants more than service to others for V-day.

Something sexy for Valentine’s?: Check our links to porn free on-line shopping for lingerie and sex toys, and see Buying lingerie without dying of embarrassment.

Bride’s choice: If sex is likely to be on the agenda for Valentine’s Day, tell her it’s her choice – what, when, where, how, and so on. Make it her day to have sex the way she most wants it.

Finish with a snuggle: Whatever you do for Valentine’s Day, finish the day with a good long snuggle before you go to sleep.

Image Credit: © Liligraphie | Dreamstime.com

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