Breakfast in Bed

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Have you ever done this classic romantic move for your bride? Why not do it for Valentine’s – or on Saturday and/or Sunday just before Valentine’s?

Pick a meal she will enjoy, that you can make well, and that won’t take a huge amount of time to prepare. Simple and well presented is far better than fancy but poorly done. A tray is great for serving, and allows you to include a flower and a card.

Bonus: Do the dishes!

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One Comment on “Breakfast in Bed

  1. Yes, some of our most memorable love-making (sharing our hearts deepest things, coupled with warm, comfortable sex and a joyful time of snuggling after) happened after I served her breakfast in bed.

    The very first day off we had together, after we were married, I surprised her and served her breakfast in bed. She cried from the joy of it, of course ;)

    It’s not just for Valentine’s Day or your anniversary or her birthday, but this is a good thing to do all year round.

    Especially on snowy/rainy days you share together!

    Oh, and let her teach you how she likes her breakfast cooked.

    This is crucial to making this act of service a… successful one.

    It’s all a wonderful part of being good and human, which is what you were created to be!


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