Rub her the right way on Valentine’s

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With very few exceptions, the vast majority of women love a massage. From a shoulder or foot rub to a full body massage, it’s a great way to get her to relax, and it will make the two of you feel closer.

If you want to do more of this for her, but just don’t think of it, this Valentine’s give her coupons for various massages from you. Small short massages can be spur of the moment, longer ones will need to be scheduled. Include a variety of massages and lengths of time – this is also a great way to learn what she most enjoys.

If sex is a problem area for your marriage, keep the massages non-sexual. If sex is jointly desired and enjoyed, toss in a couple of coupons for an erotic massage – with the promise of the “happy ending” of her choice! If she is all about sex, consider an Orgasmic Massage.

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Image Credit: © Yuri Arcurs |

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5 Comments on “Rub her the right way on Valentine’s

  1. My wife loves massage so much that she will not have orgazmic sex unless I massage her prior. Is it an exception? or most of women need to have relaxation in order to have orgazmic sex?

  2. @Tyler – Yes, relaxation is important for a woman to enjoy sex. Relaxation of the mind is even more important than relaxation of the body, and massage does both.

    Sounds to me like you have found very effective foreplay – use your knowledge wisely! ;-)

  3. Thank you, Paul. That trully encourages me a lot!, although sometimes I feel frustrated, because I need to perform massage EVERY single time we have sex. Any quick advice on how to overcome this small frustration?

  4. @Tyler – If you can see it as part of the whole, does that help? It’s not what you have to do to “get sex”, but rather is part of sex – part of what makes sex so good for both of you.

  5. Helps a lot! Thank you! Pls do not give up encouraging people! Appreciate your wisdom!

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