Sitting between her legs

The first time you try this position it may take a bit of trial and error to get it right, but it’s well worth the effort. There is a doll image at the bottom of the page. In words, she is laying on her back, legs rolled out and wide apart. You are sitting between her legs, facing her, with her legs over your legs. Having your back to the headboard or wall will help, but is not absolutely necessary. Have her lay down after you are in position, then hold her legs and pull gently to help her move close. You may need a pillow or two under your rear – it will depend on your relative sizes and the firmness of the mattress. Just getting the penis to her vagina is not enough; you need to get the right angle for any real penetration.

Her stimulation comes from one or both of you using hands or a toy on her. You won’t have deep penetration in this position – probably two inches less than with missionary – and vigorous thrusting is not possible, but there are a lot of great points to this.

  • If you enter shallow, the glans (head) of your penis is in the entry of her vagina – which is tighter than the rest of the vagina, and which constricts when she climaxes. The ring of muscle here will also transmit vibration, if you are using a vibrator.
  • For you the view is fantastic. For her it’s a face to face position, which most women prefer.
  • For most couples this is mutually comfortable, and it’s possible to maintain it for a very long time.
  • If you tend to climax quickly during intercourse, being still may allow you to last longer than usual. Penetrating deeply enough to get the glans past the ring of muscle at the entry to the vagina will help with this. If you do climax, you can continue to pleasure her without stopping or having to change position.
  • Because it can be done with no movement, this is good if you have a noisy bed and need to be quite (like at someone else’s house!).
  • You can do this on a bed or on the floor (put down a towel) or a number of other places. You might even be able to do it in the bath (if you do that with water, use a silicon lube and make sure there are no soaps or other chemicals in the water).
  • If she has multiples, you can give her all she wants – and have yours whenever you both like.
  • If she does not normally climax during intercourse, this will allow her have a climax while you are in her.
  • This can also be done as foreplay (take your time!) or can be done until one of you climaxes, then you can move to another position for the other person.

Sitting between her legs © Paul H. Byerly

Image Credit: © Paul H. Byerly

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  1. This sounds like fun for both of us. I will show it to my wife, & let you know how it goes.

  2. Where’s the doll image ???? I think I get it, but sometimes a good pic is worth a thousand words ! Besides, it’s good if you can flex your penis. I cannot flex it much (almost 90° from the body if you know what I mean ├ ) but I’d like to try if my gw will try it… shes does not like much changes:-(

    • @Simon – Doll image will be up later – sorry.

      Because of the way the root of the penis (the 50% in the body) works, any man can pull his penis up all the way to his body when erect, but can only push it down 30°-45° without causing discomfort. The angle of an erect penis varies greatly from man to man, with some all the way up to the body, and others being 45° from the legs. The norm is about 60° from the stomach. The farther up the natural angle, the less the penis can be pointed downward.

      If you can get to 90° comfortably, you can probably make this work, but you won’t get more than the glans inside.

  3. Sorry but I have to unsubscribe after today’s email. Other people see my emails including at work and I would probably have had a strong talking to from my line manager if she had seen it. Should there not be a warning or a link when such graphic stuff is being shared? I’ve enjoyed your posts and will keep looking at the web site.

    • @David – I do understand. Due to the nature of the content, this blog is not really safe for work. Any attempt to make it safe is going to cause a lot of extra work for everyone.

      Checking the web site, or using the RSS feed is a better option if you want to read from work.

  4. “There is a doll image at the bottom of the page.”

    The doll image is not on the page.

  5. What the secret to getting the correct angle? Putting a couple of pillows under me bent me too much the wrong way. Should she be higher?

  6. @Terry – There is some variation from couple to couple. There are two issues – height and angle. If your penis points well above 90 ° from down when you are erect, then you won’t be comfortable pushing it downward too much and this could a a problem. If you raise her body the entrance of her vagina will be better for you, but you will be pointing the wrong way.

    If you put some pillows under her so that she is halfway sitting up, this will raise the angle of her vagina, which may help.

    Bottom line, variations in our bodies mean each couple has some positions that won’t work for them.

  7. We tried this. Fantastic! I loved it and she did too! Did you hear me say that this was REALLY GREAT?! Thank you!!

    Also, this was the first time we checked out a new position together online. I wasn’t sure how open she’d be. I think the fact that clay figures were used PLUS the fact that it was on YOUR site (versus one which contained obviously non-Christian material) was a BIG help. Will The Generous Husband be putting up more positions using those same figures? Hope so.

  8. I love your site. I too like sexual literature but am not pleased with the context in which most use Gods gift. regardless of the toy image it was used in the correct context which in the end is the bigger issue. I thank you for the image its not inappropriate for adults and its fun. its your blog.
    One person gets offended and then no one gets to have fun anymore even if that fun is ordained of God. Sometimes people act like they are holier than God whom made the sex in the first place.

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