Agreeing in prayer

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The Bible tells us that there is power in agreeing in prayer. And while I cannot prove it biblically, I think this is even more true when a husband and wife agree in prayer.

The problem, often, is being in agreement. Different theology, life experience, hopes, fears, and personality traits mean two people can look at the same situation and feel moved to pray in very different ways. It can be tempting to “go along” with something you don’t feel just to get along – but that is not agreeing. Others will try to work out a compromise, but that is also not agreement. Maybe you can get down to a “least common denominator” prayer that eliminates the things you don’t both feel. While that is agreement, it does not seem to me to be what Jesus meant.

Given the potential power of fully agreeing in prayer, I think it’s worth a bit of verbal “wrestling” to find a point of agreement. By wrestling, I do not mean each of you trying to prove you are right and the other is wrong. Rather express what you feel and why, and hear what she has to say, and why. Be open to the reality that she will see some things you do not, and see some situations more clearly than she does – just as you will sometimes have clearer vision.

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One Comment on “Agreeing in prayer

  1. Paul,
    What I love most about praying with Tom is it helps me hear his heart in a way conversation with me never reveals. He is pouring out his heart to his Father in Heaven. I am often taken aback by his transparency, which allows me to see more deeply into his heart. It is what makes prayer such an intimate time for us as husband and wife.

    However, this being the case, we still don’t pray together on a regular basis. This is one of our hot topics for the year – not “hot” in being hot tempered, but hot in what we’re currently going after. Thanks for the confirmation and a great post!

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