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For some women a well thought out note or letter is the best Valentine’s gift possible. For most women such a gift is greatly appreciated, even if something more is expected. So write her a love letter. Tell her why you love her, why you are proud of her, how much you need her, and how you want to bless her in every possible way. If you have kids, mention how great she is with them, and give an example of something she has done recently, or something she does all the time.

A warning – this is probably not the time to tell her how much you want her sexually. Unless you have a great sex life and she is as enthusiastic about as you are, any direct mention of sex is likely to spoil the letter for her – and maybe even sound like a condition or attempt to seduce her. Go after her heart in the letter, and chase her body later.

Bonus points for presentation: Buy some nice printer paper (any office store) and print the letter out on that with a nice (and readable) font. Work on the spacing, and either right and left justify or centre it.

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