Wait, let me clear the way for you.

Clearing the way © Farzin Salimi | Dreamstime.com

Yesterday I talked about the problem of putting obstacles in the way of our bride, and how it’s a very bad plan. Today I want to look at the opposite – doing all you can to encourage her and make a way for her.

Let me tell you a secret – the more closely your bride resemblances the woman God intends her to be, the better it is for her, for you, and for your marriage. A happy, fulfilled, confident woman feels good and does good to those around her. She especially appreciates, and shows her appreciation, to those who have helped her to become that woman God created her to be. Trust me guys, you want to be one of those people.

How can you help her? How can you encourage her? What can you do to remove obstacles in her way? Start with the one’s you put there! If you really are committed to seeing her be all she can be, ask her how you can help.

Speaking of obstacles: My bride and I love what we do. We love to hear from folks who think something we have said has made a positive change in their marriage. We would like to do more of the same, but we have this little issue of needing to spend time earning a living.

So yes, I am asking for donations to help us do more, and reach more people. If everyone who reads my tips sent fifty cents a month (or more realistically, if 10% gave $5 a month), we could put all our time into marriage ministry. I realise there are plenty of great causes out there – I just hope you see what we do as one of those. You can help us with a recurring donation, or a one-time gift.

Image Credit: © Farzin Salimi | Dreamstime.com

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