My mother made me this way

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A recent study gives solid support for the long held belief that how your mother treated you has a huge impact on your adult relationships.

I don’t doubt that, but I do know that WE HAVE A CHOICE. When we are young many people, and especially our parents, start us down certain paths. Initially we have no choice – we walk or they drag us. However, as we become adults we have a choice, and we can choose to get off any path. We can choose a new path.

My bride and I are the perfect example of overcoming our childhoods. My mother rarely complimented my sister and I. (I learned from a mutual friend after her death that this was intentional – she did not want to give us “big heads”! Gee, thanks mom.) My bride’s family life was also less than perfect. Based on how we grew up, a good, strong, intimate and loving marriage was against the odds. However, we looked down the paths we were on and did not like what we saw. We decided to get off the bad paths and find good paths. Sometimes we knew a better path, or had heard of a better path, and sometimes we had to strike off cross country till we found another path. It was not always easy, but the results have been more than worth the effort..

“Your marriage can be a better marriage, or it can be a bitter marriage. The choice is entirely up to you.” ~John Hagee

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  1. My mother died this last year and when my siblings and I got together afterward it came out that it was typical for German parents (perhaps others, I don’t know) to not tell their own children how proud they were of them but they would boast to others about their children. After her death I heard from tons of my mother’s friends how proud she was of her children but never once heard that from my own mother.

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