Are you in sync?

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Ever had an argument about something one of you is sure you told the other – but the other has no memory of it? Ever had a mess because one of you did not know, or forgot about, an important meeting? There’s a very easy solution to this – get a single calendar, or each have a calendar and sync them.

If you want low tech, a large calendar on the wall is a great way to go. My bride found an 18″ by 24″ calendar with a page for each month. She posts four at a time, and puts all our out-of-the-house appointments on it. We each add as needed.

The more high tech way is to have a calendar on your computer, or even better your phone. Google Calendar is a good option – runs on any computer, any smart phone, and syncs with a number of other systems. We run two, and each of us has full access to the other’s calendar. This allows us to see what the other is doing without having them “cluttering” your stuff.

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  1. My wife and I try to sit together weekly with our calendars (her is paper mine is on my computer/phone). We fill in each other’s activities and commitments, even if we aren’t both involved. That way we each know exactly what the other is up to.

    We also try to make sure we are scheduling in accordance with our marital and family priorities.

    Great post! I strongly recommend it.

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