Sex in marriage is like an airtight wood-stove

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For the last four months, we have heated our home with nothing but wood. We’ve had the temperature below zero F° ( -18 C°) many times, and for hours on end, and yet we are toasty warm. The reason for this is that we have an airtight wood-stove, which has an efficiency of about 65%. Traditional fireplaces are 15% efficient at best, and some actually move more heat out of the house, and cold into the house, than they provide.

It occurred to me (since most things make me think of marriage and/or sex) that marriage is like an airtight sex stove.

A campfire is fun, but it’s potentially dangerous, you get very little of the heat it produces, and it makes a lot of smoke. Sex outside of marriage is like this – most of the benefit is going up in smoke, and since you don’t have an endless supply, you will eventually burn up your resources and have no fire.

A home fireplace is nice, but because it’s not build right it adds very little (if any) heat out of your home, and maks a lot of pollution in the process. Sex in marriage when one or both of you is thinking of someone else, or is looking at porn, is like this. Very little benefit to your marriage, and a lot of junk being produced.

The best sex is that which is completely enclosed by your marriage. This kind of sex is the hottest, and the safest. Because it makes such great use of resources, this is the kind of sex that can last a lifetime. This is the kind of sex that can really warm your marriage, making it a comfortable place where you and your bride want to be. It’s not as flashy as a camp-fire, or as open as a fireplace, but it is what works for the long haul.

How are you burning?

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2 Comments on “Sex in marriage is like an airtight wood-stove

  1. Nice to have thisall encompassing fire & warmth, BUT first the fire has to be built by someone, or something?!?!?

  2. Agreed, but as Wally alluded to, just the stove means little. We also use wood for heat, but when only one cuts, splits, and stacks the wood, and only one seems to attend to keeping the stove going, there is not the full benefit of a fire. Heating with wood, like a marriage , should involve both parties working together to get the utmost without draining the energy of just one.

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