Intimacy – are there limits?

Intimate couple © Lijuan Guo |

In his excellent blog post entitled Intimacy – As Much as You Want, Scott suggests that most of us can have as much marital intimacy as we want. I fully agree with this, especially for those of us with external gonads. Most women crave intimacy as much as most men crave sex. Therefore, just as most women can have as much sex as they want in their marriage, most men can have as much intimacy as they want.

Why would you want more intimacy? Intimacy is undervalued in our world, especially by men. While it’s true intimacy makes you vulnerable, it also opens you up to a lot of good things you will never know if you limit intimacy. Personally, I am convinced it’s more than worth the risk.

I’ll leave it at that, and strongly urge you to go read Scott’s article.

Image Credit: © Lijuan Guo |

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