As a couple, for couples

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Sit down with your bride and make a list of a few couples whose marriages could use prayer. Then commit to praying, together, for those couples daily.

If married, your pastor would be a very good addition to your list.

Links to blog posts that stood out to me this last week:

New blog this week: The Long, Hot Marriage – fairly low post volume, but has some great things, and a good size archive.

A bonus from Techlationships about the bogus “Facebook causes 20% of divorces” story that has been making the rounds.


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Spouse As Parent?: Do you let your bride look out for your best interests?

The Long, Hot Marriage

Listening to Self, Listening to Others: If you are too busy to read this, you really need to make time to read this!

Marriage Gems

Are Older or Younger People Happier? Men or Women? What Stage of Life is Best?: Great article, with good referances.
7 Ways to Create Sparks Every Day: An outstanding guest post .

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Destination: Marriage Perfection!: “But just because your marriage is far from perfect does not mean your marriage is not rooted in God’s plan!”
Is Your Wife Elevator Music?: I’m pretty sure Brad is meddling here – but he makes a great point!

The Romantic Vineyard

10 Hindrances to Cultivating A Romantic Vineyard #7 – Selfishness : Yup, this is a big one.

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