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My bride has recently become a life coach. She is meeting with several folks an hour a week to coach them. I don’t know the details of what she is doing with anyone, but I do know that what she’s doing is a real help and blessing to those with whom she is working.

Life coaching is about results, moving a person from where they are to where they want to be. The interesting thing is the coach need not understand what the person wants help with. A good business coach can help a person in ANY business, even if they know nothing about that business. In the same way, a life coach need not have experienced the things the person they are coaching is trying to deal with. A coach has learned tools that help others sort through issues, gain focus, prioritise, set reasonable goals, and so on.

In my estimation, everyone could benefit from a bit of coaching. It need not be a long-term thing (my bride does six weeks initially). You may have to pay, but frankly, it will be worth it. There are a wide variety of types of coaching (business, life, relationship), and a wide array of training and certification groups. Although there are those who are naturally gifted at this, I would look for someone who has some training, and preferably certification. Location is not really an issue as coaching can be done very effectively by phone.

How do you find a couch?

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