.. and simmer for 10 hours

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Have you and your bride learned that when it comes to sex there is a great deal of pleasure in the journey? Sure, we all want to end up in bed “going all the way”, but if you know that’s going to happen, you can make it better by taking the long way getting there. Being aroused can be very enjoyable in and of itself, and can significantly add to the pleasure of “the grand finale”.

A few ideas along these lines:

  • Shower together before going out for the evening. Wash each other all over.
  • Same as above, but in the morning.
  • Before you get out of bed in the morning, engage in some light sex play.
  • Make out a few hours before sex.
  • As you watch TV in the evening, make out during commercials – going further each time.
  • Have sex and don’t finish until later.
  • Have a quickie in the morning where you climax, but your bride does not. (This will get some women really hot for that night.)

A few cautions are in order here:

  • For both men and women, prolonged arousal without climax can be uncomfortable physically, emotionally, and mentally. In rare cases, it can cause pain (in women as well as men). Don’t play like this unless you are both committed to finishing later.
  • Walking around aroused can cause lust problems – know your limits.
  • Being aroused all day and make it hard to concentrate on work – again, know your limits.
  • This kind of thing can reduce a man’s self-control and staying power, even if he usually has no problem. It will also tend to reduce the time a woman needs to get to climax, and may reduce her need/desire for foreplay.
  • Some women don’t like to be aroused for long periods of time, for a variety of reasons. If your bride is this way, play this way for short times, or ask her to do something that will get you going without getting her particularly aroused.

Image Credit: © Putnik | Dreamstime.com

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  1. AND… a 1-2 hours chat interview…later ; you might add that to your post…

    • I think freedbyjc is referring to the fact that at least some people that fill out the survey may be asked to do a follow up online chat that may take an hour or two.

        • Sorry, spring break baseball season called and I got distracted..Thanks for interpreting and for the clearing that up.

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