Will your insurance let you get the best help?

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If you go to a psychiatrist, the odds are small that you will get anything more than some prescriptions. According to a 2005 survey, 89% of psychiatrists do nothing but prescribe medications. Is this because drugs are so great that they can fix just about anything with ease? Sadly, this is not the case. For some drugs are the only hope, and for some they are the best option, but for many drugs are neither the only nor the best choice – especially for the long-term. So why are psychiatrists limiting their practice to dispensing drugs? Because it’s the only thing insurance companies will pay for.

My point here is not about psychiatry. I have often had my plea for a couple to get help put off with “Our insurance won’t cover it.” A marriage is dying, and taking the kids with it, and a couple can’t get help because their insurance won’t cover it? REALLY?!

Yes, this is horribly short-sighted of the insurance companies. The cost of divorce in both physical and mental problems, for husband, wife, and children, is massive, and an insurance company would save money by covering counselling that could save the marriage. However, that’s not my point either.

My point is this: your marriage is vital and precious, and if you value it half as much as you should, you will find a way to get the help needed to stay married. You will also find a way to get the help you need to have a better marriage. “My insurance won’t cover it” is a cop-out. There are plenty of marriage resources out there that are free, low-cost, or provided on a sliding scale. If you can’t find what you need that way, then figure out how to cut back so you have the money needed to get help. Trust me, it will cost you far less than a divorce will cost, and you will be far better off.

By the way, your pastor may or may not be a great starting place for marriage help. Not all pastors are trained for this, and not all are good at it; however, some are fantastic, and most will know someone who is if they are not.

This rant a result of the NYT story Talk Doesn’t Pay, So Psychiatry Turns Instead to Drug Therapy

Image Credit: © Russell Shively | Dreamstime.com


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2 Comments on “Will your insurance let you get the best help?

  1. As a mental health professional, I would like to comment on a couple of things: First, the particular article you cite was, I thought, rather falsely over-emphasizing the “either-or” of therapy vs. medication management, and was grinding axes for a particular subset of old-school psychiatrists who feel that they “can’t” practice in the way they want to.
    Psychiatry over the past couple of decades has come to emphasize more medical management of serious, brain-based, mental illness, and not so much counselling of interpersonal and life problems. That said, many, if not most, insurances WILL reimburse individual therapy (counselling), usually done by a social worker or psychologist. Marriage/family therapy is like this, but sometimes may not be covered by a specific plan. Even if not covered, it still may be a worthwhile investment in the relationship.

  2. @quercus – I was hoping someone who knew from the inside would chime in. (I was attacking insurance companies, not any processionals. )

    The article I referenced did mention that psychiatrists do point folks to others for therapy – those trained for that, but not for prescribing drugs. On the one hand I see the importance of this from a cost standpoint, but if the psychiatrist and therapists don’t interact, I don’t know that the patient is getting the best treatment.

    I know there are those in the medical industry who want to move to a system where doctors diagnose, and pharmacists prescribe. Maybe that could work in the mental health field – maybe not.

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