Don’t judge me

Judged guilty | © Oriori |

Some wives feel judged by their husbands; probably more wives than most men would guess.

In some cases a woman who feels judged is being judged, but often it’s more of a gender misunderstanding. Because men tend to be more logical, less relational, and less emotional, and because we usually use fewer words, we can easily be misunderstood as more negative and judgemental than we intend.

Keep this in mind as you deal with your bride. Be softer and more gentle and she will be better able to hear what you really mean. Keep the tone and volume of your voice in check so she can hear your heart over your words. If she gets quite or shuts down, odds are she if feeling judged. If she backs off it may not mean she has seen that you are right; it may mean she feels hopeless because she does not feel you are listening or don’t care what she thinks.

Image Credit: © Oriori |

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