Fifty, and loving it.

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Today I turn 50. (It’s not nearly as old as it seemed a half a life ago.)

Regrets? I’ve had a few – mostly when I have tried to do it my way! (Sorry Frank, God’s way rocks!)

One thing I see that has served me well is not being afraid to take risks – after a good bit of prayer! Statistically, marrying my bride was a bad plan, but it has turned out to be the second best choice of my life. Five years ago this month we decided to pack up all we owned and move 2000 miles. There were plenty of risks, and the first place we landed did not work out. The second place we landed did not work out either – but today we are some-place we really enjoy, we are part of an awesome church, and we have a growing number of great friends.

I find that fear is often (not always, but often) nothing more than an obstacle on a road to something good. Wisdom, prayer, and the input of trusted friends will show us when fear is a proper warning, and when it is a road block to be overcome.

What are you afraid of? What would you like to do that you don’t do because of fear? If you let that fear keep you from trying, will you regret that choice some day?

I can honestly say that if I were told I was going to die today, I would not feel cheated. It’s not that I am done, that I have nothing to live for or nothing more I want do – I have a lot to live for, and so much I want to do. However, I have lived life rather fully, and enjoyed so much. I have loved and been loved, blessed others and been blessed by others. In short, it has been good to be me, and I see no reason to think that will change. If you don’t feel the same way – why? What is undone in your life? What do you need to do? What relationships need to be healed? What needs to be repaired with your bride or your children? Figure it out, then get to it.

One other thing that has served me well is an ever growing understanding that giving is better than receiving and serving is better than leading. When I was younger much of this was focused on my family – but as my kids have become adults and my marriage has become stronger, my bride and I have focused more and more of this on others. Find ways to give, love, and serve many, and do these things especially for those who have no way to repay you; it is very unlikely you will regret it.

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  1. Happy Birthday..I hope and pray that you have a wonderful day..By the way, 50 is not that old..I will turn 50 in July..The way I see it, I feel better about my life, my marriage, my health and my relationships than I did at 40..I am so blessed..

  2. Happy Birthday, Paul! Just a couple of short years behind you. Now, if I could just sleep like I did half a life ago…

  3. Happy Birthday!

    I just turned 50 three weeks ago. I really thought that I would feel “older” than I do. My body is 50 but my mind still feels like a 17 year old. 50 is rewarding and frustrating. The economy has wiped out everything I worked for and I a finantially worse off now than at 20. I do, however, have a house full of children and a wife who all love God and seek holiness. I guess I am rich after all.

  4. Happy Birthday! You are so right 50 seems old until YOU become 50 which I did 2 years ago. Your comments today could have been written by me I feel exactly the same way! I have lived a very full life chose a career that I enjoy, and have used my career business and talents to further “His Kingdom” whenever possible. I have also found that the more you give and do for others the more “He” seems to bless me !

  5. Happy Birthday – Yesterday, Hope your 50th year is off to a good start! Time flies doesnt it.

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