three things in 2011 part two

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Three months ago, I suggested that you and your bride give each other three things to change or improve during the next year. The three were to include one that was small/easy, one of medium difficulty, and one that will take some real effort.

I also suggested that these goals be SMART:

S – Specific
M – Measurable
A – Attainable
R – Relevant
T – Targeted Time

If you did this, now is a good time to check yourself. Measure how you have done on the goal you choose to work on first. Are you on track, ahead, or behind the time you set to accomplish the goal? If you’ve accomplished one of the three, have you moved on to a second?

How about your bride? If you see any movement on any of the three you suggested to her, PLEASE compliment her on her efforts and thank her for caring enough to work on it. If you see no movement, and she seemed honestly interested in trying, I suggest a three-month check in for both of you as a way of reminding each other what you said, and renewing your efforts. Start by asking her if she has seen improvement in the areas on which you’ve been working.

If you did not do this at the first of the year, why not do it now? Each of you makes a list of three things, and submits it to the other. You are each free to veto anything that seems unfair or too difficult, or you can suggest a modified goal. Keep working until you each have three goals.

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