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Pointing finger © Artmim | Dreamstime.comToday I am skipping my tip to focus on the other blogs I point to each Sunday. There’s a lot of great stuff out there, and more all the time. My goal here is twofold

  1. Point you to some resources you can use that you would not otherwise find.
  2. Give you an easy round-up of what I see as the best out there if you don’t want to take the time to read two dozen blogs.

Feed back in the comments welcome!

Links to blog posts that stood out to me this last week:

Better Husbands and Fathers

Is She Faking It? …Maybe You Should Too: Not what you think, and a good idea.

Black and Married with Kids

{Be A Better Spouse Challenge} Tip #4: Do One Of Your Spouse’s Chores: Simple and effective.
{Be A Better Spouse Challenge} Tip #5: Create A Marriage Mission Statement: This is a great idea – I dare you to do it!
VIDEO: Honey Do The Web Series -Understanding the Value of Quality Alone Time: Is it easier for you to get some guy time than it is for her to get some gal time? If so, shouldn’t you do something to reduce the discrepancy?

Couple Things Blog

To Hear Or to Be Heard?: Do you hear her as much as you talk to her?
A Longing to Be Known: This post touched on what is a major hidden struggle in most marriages.
Living Faster Or Deeper?: Go deeper!

Happily Married After

When is ‘Criticism’ Constructive: A gfreat post about the “critcism”posts and comments we did here recently.

It Might Be Love

Romantic Picnic Food Ideas: A good list of ideas.

Journey to Surrender

Living Deeper: An excelent follow up to the CoupleThings blog I linked to above.

Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage

Tinkerbell Christianity: A great rant – thanks Mark Read it all, it does relate to marriage towards the bottom.

Marriage Gems

Focusing on What’s Missing in Life Can Cause You to Miss What’s There: This is a MUST READ POST!
Survey Shows American Couples are Too Sleep Deprived for Sex: If there is far too little sex in your marriage, this is aMUST READ.
Is “No Pain, No Gain” True in Life and Relationships?: That would be yes.
Is Love a Decision or a Feeling?: A very important question!

One Flesh Marriage

To Be Known . . . Completely! and Rocky Intimacy and Intimacy Rocks Are to very good posts in intimacy.
The Sexual Intimacy You’ve Always Wanted: 5 Bloggers 5 Questions : This is the announcment of an upcoming series of posts in which five marriage bloggers (including my bride and I) answer questions about sexual intimacy. There’s also a chance to win some prizes!

Peace & Projects

20 Practical Ways to Stop Being Busy: I’m pointing this out to you so you can pass it on to your bride – good stuff!

Romantic Act of the Day

A Gift of Two: Is your bedroom a place of refuge for you as a couple?
Share Some Laughter and Share Some Laughter – Part 2 and Share Some Laughter – Part 3: Three good posts on the importnace of laughing togetgher as a couple.
When Can We Have a Date Night?: Or date day, or whatever.

The Romantic Vineyard

New Series: Water Into Wine: The start of a new series – applying Proverbs to marriage.
Happy Hour: The Romantic Vineyard starts a weekly round up of marriage blog posts.

Simple Marriage

The Art of Healthy Selfishness: Interesting …
Where are you when it comes to marital drift?: Marital drift is a major problem. In this post, Corey has provided a great way of checking your marriage for drift.

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