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First I want to plug an e-book. Yes, it’s an affiliate link, but I refuse to plug something unless I feel it’s useful and better than averageGetting Lucky with the Wife … Has Nothing to Do With Luck At All from Sarah Baron of Anonymous8  is such a book. Let me share a short section to give you an idea if this is for you:

Who is “Lucky” For?

This book is not for everyone. It is for men in marriages where both partners are deeply committed to the marriage and each other. It’s for men who feel there isn’t enough physical intimacy in their marriages right now, and would like to work with their partners to fix that problem. It’s for men who are self-aware enough and secure enough to look at both sides of the issue: what they could do better, and how to help their wives think about the issue differently in a loving, compassionate way.

Let me add that this book is not about sexual technique, but rather about what a woman needs to be able to care about, much less want, sex with her husband. In my mind this book is dead on – it’s hitting the primary reason many wives don’t want and/or don’t enjoy sex. It explains the situation clearly, gives great suggestions for changing things, and finish with a way to make a plan of action.

Second – a while back I introduced you to Moolala. Many of you were understandably sceptical. Frankly I’d not have been at all interested if I had not known the folks who started it. Moolala is like Groupon and other such systems that provide a daily deal, but Moolala adds a twist – 10% of the purchase price of any deal is paid to those who have promoted the company to their friends and acquaintances. Moolala started doing deals just over a month ago. My bride and I have bought one deal, and we have made enough to go out and eat together. This thing is for real, there is no buy in or other risk, you can save some money, and you can make some money. Check it out.

Third – Yesterday I used track-able links for all the blog posts I shared. I put a good deal of time into that, and I wanted to ensure that it was being used enough to justify my time use. The short answer is yes, it’s getting used. In 20 hours one link was clicked by 223 individuals. Half a dozen others were over 60 clicks. So, the link round up will continue. (BTW, I have no idea who clicked what, all I see is totals.)

Finally – CRRBHCSFUSSZ – ignore this, it’s to prove to Technorati that I own this blog. Sorry for a whole post full of no post – just thought I’d get it all done in one batch.

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  1. I am Looking forward to more sexual intamacy with my Husband. More Sensual Love Making.. with tenderness and passion on a regular bases. Not letting the kids or family or friends take away from our quality time together.

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