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A couple weeks ago, my Would you want to be her? post resulted in a number of fairly predictable comments and e-mails. The one that really got me was from a man who lost his first wife when his son was a year and a half old. He hired help for while he was a work, but the rest of the time, including all night, every night, he was the full-time, on-call parent who had to do all the shopping, cooking, cleaning, and so on and so on. This fellow learned what it is to be a mother, and now that he’s remarried, I suspect he is a very loving and supportive husband to his new bride.

A couple of the comments dealt with the fact that men and women are different, and deal with things differently. I fully agree with this, and I am convinced, by both the Bible and biology, that women are able to deal with some parenting tasks better than men are. HOWEVER, I am also aware that some men use this as an excuse to leave their bride in a horrible situation. PLEASE do not use “God equipped her for this” as an excuse to ignore what her job costs her, or as rational for not doing all you can to help her out.

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  1. I don’t really think the example of the single Dad has much to do with marriage or normal husbanding. Being a single parent is not comporable to marriage. That is why it is so strongly discouraged in the Bible. It will never be the beneficial way of raising children, which is why churches must support them.

    What if the opposite happened and the husband died and the wife had to take over his job while continuing her own work? Would she even last a week.

  2. @Bob55 – The gentleman certainly felt he learned a great deal that most men will never understand. I would agree with him.

    As for women doing it all, there are tens of thousands who are doing that. Surviving might be all you can call it, but they survive just fine.

    Of course I do agree with you that a two parent family is the best option – for many reasons.

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