The power to change your marriage

Knowledge is power © Alexmillos | Dreamstime.comMy recent Divorce up because women can afford to? post has resulted in some heated comments. Apparently some have taken my words as trying to blame men for divorces – or for most divorces, or all divorces. I can understand how “You might have prevented that” can seem to be “It’s your fault” – but that is neither what I think nor what I am saying.

Frankly blame, especially after the fact, is pretty useless in my mind. My desire is not to blame, but to show men that they have the power to make changes in their marriages. If a woman leaves her husband, and it is “her fault” does that really make things any better for anyone? On the other hand, if a man does something that prevents a divorce that would have been “her fault” isn’t that a very good thing? It seems to me that most (not all, but most) divorces could have been prevented if EITHER the husband or the wife had made certain changes.

This is the real message I want to share – that even when it’s not “your fault” you may be able to stop something bad from happening in your marriage. Part of doing that is becoming aware of your bride, and of things that can indicate she is unhappy. Yes, it would be nice if she just speak up, and if she has not tried (as opposed to she has tried repeatedly and you did not listen) that is her error. Would you like to know how to spot that error and deal with it before it ends your marriage? I would. Does not knowing how to spot it make it your fault? No, it does not.

Bottom line: The more you know, the better you can keep your marriage strong and happy. The less you know, the more likely it is you will have a rude surprise.

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One Comment on “The power to change your marriage

  1. Been thinking about this topic a lot recently, in light of your blogs, and a friend of a friend who’s marriage is in crisis.

    Sadly most people want to have a scapegoat… someone to point the finger at and “blame” for the problem. That isn’t often a helpful response, especially as a friend coming alongside a marriage in serious trouble.

    Say the one party is 90% at fault and has made some terrible choices in the marriage… that still leaves 10% that the other spouse has to face up to accepting responsibility for! (And remember no-one is ever 100% blameless… and often in reality the split is more like 75% to 25%!)

    The idea of looking at the situation and saying, because their part was 90% to my 10% therefore it was more X’s fault, is to take the role of God in sitting in judgement on the situation!

    When we look at something, we have to examine the plank in our own eye first.

    And that is the crux of the situation. If there was/is something we could have / should have done better, then there is probably a need for repentance on our behalf, even if we’ve been wronged 90% by the other party. We have to see ourselves before God, and before our spouse. You see from my perspective, that 10% is 100% my problem, and no-one else’s, (and the 90% is 100% theirs). Only I can change my 100%! I need to accept that 100% I can change, and do something about it.

    This isn’t to say that the other party is off the hook (not at all), but is to highlight what we can do to make a difference.

    If our goal is healthy and Godly marriages, then we have to stop looking for a scapegoat, and looking to apportion blame. Instead, we need to take a good look at what is within our power to change, and apologise for that part to God and our spouses…. just as we can reach out in forgiveness to them too.

    They also need someone to do the same for them.

    So this marriage in crisis, the guy has left for a younger woman, and naturally everyone is gathering around the woman, and calling the guy a jerk (which he is!).

    BUT, if in doing so, they communicate that the woman was blameless, without hearing his side of the story too, then we are in danger of “playing God”. We don’t know the full picture. Has she neglected him first in favour of the kids? Ignored his needs? We don’t know. Certainly the guy needs to wake up and realise what is he threatening to throw away, and face up to his massive side in this… but to put it into black and white terms, and say he is 100% to blame is to not help anyone to save the marriage….

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