He is Risen! And why I think it matters to your marriage.

© Paul H. ByerlyDoes following Jesus (aka being a Christian) matter to your marriage? I think it does. There are plenty of studies that show those who really follow Jesus have, on the whole, better marriages (and even better sex lives) than those who have no faith – but I want to share this on a more personal level.

I would not be married to my bride, the most wonderful woman in the world, if we did not both follow Jesus. Had we not know Him and somehow gotten married, it would not have lasted. When it was at its worst, what we held onto was knowing He could get us through the problems, and into a great marriage. My bride’s determination to deal with her past sexual issues was based on her belief that it was the only right thing to do. Her strength for and answers in that long, painful, process came from her relationship with Him. My ability to hold on when I was in great pain and saw no change on the horizon was because I put my faith in Him, not in my bride.

Beyond all this, my marriage is far better than it would otherwise be because I have learned from the Bible how to be a loving husband, and how to sacrifice for my bride. I don’t always like what I read I should do, but I sure to like the results over time.

If you don’t know Him, please believe me that you should. If you avoid Him because of the behaviour of His followers, please accept my apologies, and please don’t judge Him by those who claim to follow Him. If you follow Him at a distance, please get closer, you will be glad you did.

Want to know Him better? Want to know what it means to know and follow Him? Pick up a Bible (I would suggest NIV or NKJV) and start reading. My suggestion would be to start with the Gospel of John and keep reading. Let His Spirit speak to you as you read.

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