Whose Standard?

Stole this from my bride. It so perfectly said something I have been thinking about writing …

By what Standard? © Carl Durocher | Dreamstime.com
By what Standard?

Marriage Works! sent out a wonderful tweet a few days ago.

You can harm your marriage greatly by expecting your spouse to conform to YOUR standards. Point to Christ’s standard instead.

I have seen a fair number of relationships ruined because one person felt their way of doing things was always the correct way.  The Word gives us some absolutes and within that there are many, many preferences to be considered.  When you marry, there are two adults in the household and both need to be heard and valued.  Be aware that the Lord is at work in both of you and you will hear His counsel working through both of your lives.  (You might also take some time and examine your standards and how they line up with the Word of God.  It’s amazing how many things that we think are “right” are just the “right way for us” as individuals according to our preferences.)

Image Credit: © Carl Durocher | Dreamstime.com

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