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Man carrying his wife © Wavebreakmedia Ltd | Dreamstime.comI don’t talk often talk about headship and submission here. This is a rather volatile discussion in the modern church (not that volatile has ever stopped me) and position seems to takes fire from both sides (not that I’ve ever been stopped by that either). Mostly I don’t have much to say beyond stating my opinion, which is probably why it’s not mentioned often.

However, it fits well with what I have been saying the last few days, and I’ve not mentioned it in some time, so ….

The Bible indicates a husband is to be to his bride as Christ is to The Church. Jesus was a SERVANT leader. In that sentence, the word servant modifies the word leader, and that is significant. The focus is the serving.

You won’t find a lot of examples of Jesus lecturing, punishing, or correcting The Church; in fact, if you remove future tense examples and those where it is God or the Holy Spirit doing the lecturing, punishing or correcting, I’m not sure you can find any. On the other hand we have plenty of examples of Jesus sacrificing for His bride (crucifixion is a particularly horrible way to die), and serving His bride (washing feet was the lowest job given to the most lowly servant – the best modern equivalent might be cleaning toilets.)

So, if you, like me, are of the mind that you are the head of your bride, you need to see that in light of the kind of head Jesus was and is to His bride. (And frankly that is an excellent reason for a guy to want to take the egalitarian pill!)

No blog links this week: Due to travel and a good deal of busyness I have not had time to do my regular blog reading this week. I will, however, pass on a link to the ministry that is the cause of my busyness. Lori and I have been in Orange County California as volunteer help for the annual With This Ring gala. I have mentioned With This Ring a few times in the last few years because I love what they do. Their vision is to “… ensure that radical giving becomes a staple of the Christian community so that others basic needs may be met.” Currently they raise money dig wells for remote villages in primarily Muslim areas of Ghana. This is not your same old giving, this is something radical. It’s scary, but it’s also life changing.

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  1. Way to avoid a topic. They just go away if you ignore them long enough.

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