How to win when you blow it

Not my fault! © Iqoncept |
Not my fault!

Seth’s blog post How to fail got me thinking about how we blow it with our brides, and how our reactions to that failure make all the difference.

We all blow it – it’s part of being human. Blowing it as a husband does not make you a bad husband. How you deal with blowing it makes you a look good or look bad.

  • Don’t make excuses, don’t try to put some of the blame on her. Say you blew it, say you’re sorry, and do better.
  • Try again – even if you are not sure your next try will work. Fear of failure paralyses. As I said recently, doing something is almost always better than doing nothing.
  • Be gracious to her when she blows it. Give her what you would like to receive from her.
  • Try to understand what your blowing it has cost her. If you can say something indicating you understand the cost to her, that will make her feel better.

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One Comment on “How to win when you blow it

  1. One necessary ingredient to make failure a success is first to admit that you fail and take responsibility for the failure, even if it was just that you failed to plan or failed to consider the externals in your plan. In my personal life and in ministry, I find that I usually fail the quickest when I fail to plan or plan to take time to plan properly considering the things I don’t have control of. Another reason I fail even when I plan is because I fail to implement. The third reason I fail is because I don’t get back up and try again, learning from my previous mistakes. I remember that Milton Hershery of Hershey Chocolate failed at business three times before he finally made it.

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