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Working the flower bed © Anniebird9 | Dreamstime.comAlthough there are exceptions, women usually care more about how things look than men. Women also tend to be more desirous of having things of beauty around them. If you have a yard, the condition of that yard is probably more critical in her mind than it is in your mind. If your bride is an acts of service gal, the yard is especially critical to her, and becomes a reminder of either how well or how poorly you speak her love language.

So yes, I am saying you should do some work in the yard – but I’m saying more than that. Simple and clean, with a few very nice features, is going to be better for her than complicated and incredible when it’s all done, but so much work it is rarely all done. So, design your yard with a level of maintenance that you can do consistently. A few nice specimen plants can make a yard look nice without a great deal of ongoing work. If your time, or interest, are short, find low maintenance plants, use rock, mulch and gravel to reduce the areas that need care, and schedule a few full days work at critical times of the year.

Also consider paying someone to do some of it – especially the mowing. For the cost of a new mower, a string trimmer, and a blower, you can probably have your yard done for a couple of years – and you don’t have the issues of storing and maintaining the equipment. If you also gain half a Saturday and make your bride happy, it may be a great deal.

Bonus: A tip from someone who used to make a living doing landscape maintenance: Travel time (and gas) and the time needed to load and unload equipment cut into profit. If a landscaper can get several customers on the same block he can do them in far less time and with far less effort than if he did the same number of yards at different locations. If you and several neighbours can agree one one independent landscaper, you should able to work a discount price. I would gladly cut $5 each off three yards that I could do without having to move my truck.

Image Credit: © Anniebird9 | Dreamstime.com

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  1. Great advice. Simpler is better.

    I used to have a house with foundation beds in the front. This was in the days before black plastic edging and string trimmers (No, we didn’t have a Tyrannosaurus Rex for a pet). I bordered those beds with some L-shaped concrete curbing. Grass rarely got past the curbing to the beds and I could edge the curbing with a steel-bladed edger almost as fast as I could walk.

    The beds were kept well mulched so that if a weed did come up the soil was so soft that when you pulled the weed, it came out roots and all. I was never bothered with the same weed twice. Mulch was provided by the neighbors as they raked and bagged their leaves every fall. The curbing kept the mulch from spreading to the rest of the yard. Now I wonder if that wasn’t a fire hazard.

    I would do it differently today but I bring this up to show how just a minimum of planning (and a little up-front investment) can greatly reduce your time spent on maintenance for years to come.

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