Permission granted to have a great marriage

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In her article The College of Lennon & McCartney, Michele Woodward says “…most people become stuck because they’re waiting. Waiting for some external approval of their internal drive to create. That one thing that’s their big dream. They’re waiting for someone to tell them it’s OK to proceed.” (Emphasis mine)

While she is speaking about artists, musicians, and other creative types, I have found that the same thing applies to many people in many situations. The majority of us seem to have a need to be given “permission” to do anything that is new or out of the ordinary. Since we live in a culture where good marriages are few and great marriage are truly scarce, it seems likely that some are waiting for permission to have a great marriage. Maybe it’s not as much permission as confirmation that it’s possible, or that they can do it. 

A great marriage does not take magic, or luck, or the right example growing up. Like most things in life, determination and consistent effort result in improvement. It’s a lot easier when both husband and wife are dedicated to it, but unilateral efforts often result in the other spouse joining in.

Just know that you and your bride have what it takes to have a great marriage; all that is required is for the two of you to make it a priority, and be willing to seek help if needed.

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