Men and women are different (who knew?)

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The article Men’s and Women’s Immune Systems Respond Differently to PTSD is interesting in its own right, but even more than that, it is one more “proof” that men and women are fundamentally different.

Up until about fifty years ago it was common knowledge that men and women were very different. Some of what was believed was less than accurate, and some of how men treated women was flat wrong, but few men or women would have disagreed that men and woman are different in many, many ways.

Having been born about the same time as the modern women’s lib movement, I have had the chance to watch it, and to see some of the bizarre and completely unsupportable claims that have been made. We were told that aside from a few unimportant “plumbing differences” men and women are essentially the same. Thing is, those physical differences are the result of hormones sculpting the body before birth. Those same hormones have a profound effect on the developing brains of men and women, making them as dissimilar as the two sets of genitals. Yes, some of our differences are learned, but a great many are based on things that are already different at birth. Even some of the “learned” differences are following inborn differences and tendencies.

Why does this matter? I see men hurting, limiting, or failing to understand their wife because they are trying to live out the “essentially the same” message. If we assume women are the same as we are, we may not discriminate against them, but we will also fail to treat them as they want and need to be treated. If we don’t see her strengths, how can we benefit from them? If we don’t see her weaknesses, how can we help her with those? If she is supposed to be the same, but acts differently, then there must be something wrong with her; or with us.

Living intelligently with your bride requires understanding who she is, and contrary to what some want you to believe, she is not the same as a man.

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3 Comments on “Men and women are different (who knew?)

  1. This is key and vital for married couples or couples that plan on marriage to know and understand… Im so glad to have read it and so many men will grasp the concept, This is golden!

  2. Do you have any links to some bizarre and unsupportable claims? I know what you mean, but I can’t think of any concrete examples.

    Coincidentally, on Mother’s Day I was thinking to myself “when, exactly, did women decide it was OK to not have doors opened for them?” This came to me because I’ve noticed that we are pretty much the only couple in our church in which the husband opens doors for his wife,

  3. You are so right about differences! For more proof your readers might want to see the results of my new poll on the greatest needs of husbands and wives.

    Fascinating stuff with some profound implications. My post linked above explores the question of what to do about the dramatically different needs of men and women.

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