Thank You

A big thank you © Doffdog | Dreamstime.comDo you know the power of a thought out and well timed thank you? Not a simple “thanks for dinner” or “thanks for stopping at the store for me” – both of which are of course important. I mean a thank you that is about who she is and what she does for you on a regular basis.

  • Thank you for respecting me.
  • Thank you for loving me as I am.
  • Thank you for encouraging me to be better.
  • Thank you for getting my sense of humour.
  • Thank you for picking up my socks without saying anything.
  • Thank you for taking such good care of me sexually.
  • Thank you for understanding that I need alone time.

Drop a few of these a week. Saying it will bless her, and looking for new things to thank her for will make you more aware of how awesome she is and how much she really does for you.

Image Credit: © Doffdog |

2 Comments on “Thank You

  1. Your story’s just begun,
    Opened at page one;
    The book is thick,
    The pages blank
    As you take your pen in hand-

    Teach your language to be rich;
    For grateful hearts, with thanks,
    Puts Love at your command.

    And know that what your thoughts believe,
    With each rising of the sun,
    Is where your heart is going to be,
    When each day is done.

  2. well said. michael often thanks me for teaching him how to love me better. sigh…love that…love him.

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