Spending time with a couple who “get you”.

Lori and I just spend an hour on Skype talking with dear friends. The odd thing is that in the four years we have known them, we have spend fewer than a dozen hours together in person. And yet, we count them as close and important. Why? Because they “get us”. They think as we do about so many things, and they minster to marriages, so they understand what that is like. There is a special synergy when we talk with them – be it in person or via technology.

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When you and your bride find a couple like this – a couple who gets you, a couple you really click with, be sure to make it a priority to connect with that couple regularly. Consider it an investment in your marriage. If distance separates you, services like Skype and Oovoo are a great way to stay connected – the addition of images makes this far better than a phone call.

Image Credit: © Svetlana Kataeva | Dreamstime.com

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  1. This very idea of couple-community made me think of starting the next step to e-harmony. E-symphony! All those couples that are happily married need to find other people to share life with now!

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