How much time is your marriage worth?

Got 15 minutes? Get a better marriage! Last week while flying I finally got a chance to read 15 Minute Marriage Makeover by Dustin of Engaged Marriage (Aff Link). The premise of the book is simple – you and your bride commit to fifteen minutes a day to work on your marriage. Over four weeks the book takes you through several areas that commonly need work. It’s a simple idea, but the thought and lay out is far from simple. I was impressed with what Dustin has put together, and I can see how it would help many couples. If you have a functional marriage and want it to be a lot better, this e-book is for you. If you have significant problems, or you know you and your bride won’t do fifteen minutes a day, skip it.

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  1. Great Idea.. this will be added to my daily to-do list. Mine has supplied me with tons of valuable materials that we both are studying to become better in all aspects of our lives… And I do believe its making a big difference now and an even better difference for our future together. Thank You for sharing this info with all of us~

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