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Vacation Drive & Beach Street © Arenacreative | Dreamstime.comHow long has it been since you and your bride got away together?

I know it’s tough, especially if you have kids, and especially given the way the economy is now. However, as with many important things, difficult is something to be worked around, not a reason to not do something. I am convinced that couple getaways are extremely important. Even if it’s Friday after work till Sunday afternoon, it helps a couple to reconnect and get better in touch.

I’ve suggested ways of cutting costs before – and will again below. Please hit the comments and give your own tips and tricks for making a couple’s getaway easier or less expensive.

  • Go midweek when prices are lower.
  • Go off season.
  • Save on food by hitting a grocery store when you arrive and buying food. Bring an ice chest to use as a fridge in your hotel room.
  • Get friends to keep your kids – and do the same for them later.
  • On-line services like,,, and others usually have great last minute deals.

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6 Comments on “Get out of town together

  1. Combine work and a couple extra days. Just did this with my wife. Was going to FL for an event, so we added two days for just us! Wonderful!

  2. If budget is tight, camping for a weekend costs less than $50, and it’s great. It forces you to reconnect because there’s nothing else to do but hang out, hike, etc. I think camping in a tent as a couple is one of those gems a lot of people don’t know about or miss out on.

    • The Army ruined camping for me, and my wife’s father ruined it for her, FWIW.

      However, it or some other activity where you have to work together and endure hardship is a good pre-marital test.

      I’ve heard the following referred to as the Missouri Marriage Test:

      Take your bride/groom candidate on a float trip and if the two of you can paddle a canoe down river without wanting to kill one another at the end of the day, you will probably make a good couple.

      If you can’t work together to do this, don’t bother getting married.

      Same could be said for camping, but in separate tents until you are actually married.

      Not totally germane to the topic, but it reminded me of that little tidbit.

  3. Save your frequent flyer or other rewards towards vacations. Cash back bonus money can often be redeemed for restaurant gift cards. So you use “free” money from your credit card (free as long as you pay the balance in full each month avoiding interest charges) and then they often give you a discount, so you can get a $25 or $30 gift card for $20 of your rewards money as one example. Some programs let you get hotels. You can always use the rewards as straight up cash to pay for the trip.

    Go with another couple so you can split transportation costs.

    When you have older kids, you can leave them at home with a fixed amount of money and let them learn about budgeting for their needs for the weekend. Ours can both drive and the neighbor checks on them.

    Become a member of a local museum or science center. We are a member of the local science center and there are reciprocity agreements, so we can visit such places in other cities for free or reduced prices.

  4. My wife came up with a great idea – we send the kids to resident camp every summer and the house is ours for a week. It’s cheaper to go this route and the child care is taken care of. As an added bonus, camp has been great for both my son and daughter and they look forward to it all year. I think we spend around $600 for both kids for the whole week and it’s a really nice church camp.

  5. @Mike – Great thought. I do now understand why my folks thought a week or two of camp was so importnat for my sister and I, and why they always managed to get us both gone at the same time!

    Along the same lines, more churches are doing VBS in the evenings.

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